Different Meat Cutting Knives in The Kitchen

Different Meat Cutting Knives in The Kitchen

You might be surprised to hear this but many people remain oblivious to the fact that there are proper meat cutting knives easily available in the market. All their lives, they continue cutting meat with the wrong knife which never yields good results.

You cannot get your hands on the best knife for cutting meat if you do not even know what kinds of meat cutting knives there are because there is a huge possibility that you might purchase the wrong type of knife. Our primary focus today is to outline the different meat cutting knives that are available in the market and ones which you can use easily.

Carving Knife

A meat carving knife is specifically used to cut thin slices of meat like ham, poultry, beef and more. If you have ever seen a meat carving knife then you might have noticed that it is not as thick as a chef’s knife and its thinness is what enables it to make precise cuts of the meat. It has a pointed tip which comes helpful for different cutting techniques.

Boning Knife

The most interesting thing about boning knives is that there are 3 different variations for them i.e. flexible, semi-flexible and stiff blades of boning knives. As the name of the knife already makes it pretty clear, the 3” to 8” inches of the blade of the knife allows it to cut the meat neatly from the bone.

Breaking Knife

The use of a breaking knife is similar to that of a butcher knife as it is used to cut down huge chunks of meat into smaller chunks. The length of the blade is generally 10 inches and it is curved so that the knife can cut through small bones, cartilage and even tough skin.