Insurance at 65

For the people who do not know what Medicaid or Medicare is, it is an insurance policy for senior citizens of the United States of America where they get various types of medical coverage and insurance to help them in case they ever become sick and need medical attention. As this sort of medical insurance is only given to senior citizens, you can become eligible for it simply as soon as you turn 65 and are a citizen of the United States who is living in the United States.

In fact, it is approximated that every 8 seconds, someone becomes eligible for the Medicare program. This whole thing is provided for by the federal government and all you need to do to get in on it is to be a senior citizen and then contact a  insurance expert to help talk you through the process.

Over the years the scope and reach of the Medicare program has increased quite a bit and so it has been covering more and more people and has been fractioned in to various types and categories. We will go over some of the types of the Medicare program. First you have the type A and type B programs. These are the original programs from the era of Lyndon B Johnson from 1965. These pay for the hospital bills that the patient receives and also for the procedures and doctors bill that the patients have to fill out. Next there is Medicare type C. This is the alternative type of Medicare that can be provided from private companies and are a little more customizable for individuals. For example you could get your Medicare insurance from a Bluewave Insurance Medicare insurance broker instead and have it be specific to your hospital needs and prescription pills and medicines needs.