Interesting Facts About Business Cards That You Probably Weren’t Aware of

Interesting Facts About Business Cards That You Probably Weren’t Aware of

Although, if you deconstruct the idea of a business card, they are merely a small pieces of cardstock with some details related to contact printed on them. However, hardly few people actually fully realize that these business cards are actually very important. Funnily enough, they have been around for years, centuries, to be precise and the history of the business card really tells a story about the evolution they have undergone over the course of time. Most people only know that these little paper cards are handed out to people for the purpose of networking and expansion of experience, business and other opportunities.

Business cards act as a medium to build contact as it has listing of all of your contact information, they can prove to be very beneficial and important. However, this is not what it is about, today we are talking about some of the interesting facts about business cards that people aren’t really aware of and we at thought it would be something different from what you usually hear about business cards, so check these facts out below.


It may come to you as a surprise but business cards originated from the country of China. Now a lot of people might expect this but most won’t. China was the country that invented paper and a lot of other important tools for record keeping, which is why a lot of people might not be surprised but business cards originated back in the 15th Century, so they have been around for a while now.

Terms Used

Business cards were called trade cards and used to have a map printed on the back for people to be able to find their clients easily.