The Benefits of Reiki

Alternative healing, more specifically energy healing can date back to centuries ago. There are different forms and types of energy healing, however Reiki is a Japanese healing practice that has taken over worldwide. It involves the transfer of the universes’ or the higher being’s energy from the practitioner’s palm to the patient.

It has a lot of controversy surrounding it, as is the case with a lot of alternative forms of healing, especially energy healing given how there is no tangible tool, instrument or treatment given to the patient except for having them lie down and positioning your palm on their bodies. This makes science doubt its effectiveness because there cannot be any empirical studies conducted to check its effectivity. Regardless of the skepticism revolving the practice, it has been growing over the years and if you look around, you can easily find a Chicago reiki practitioner near you. Reiki involves channeling the universal energy “qi” or “chi” into or around the person. It is believed that this energy is the life force energy that surrounds all of us.

  • Reiki has been found to help aid in relaxation, deal and cope with emotional difficulties and enhance overall wellbeing because a lot of people come out of their reiki session feeling a lot lighter and in a better mood than when they started the session.
  • It can be used to deal with psychological issues like depression, anxiety and so on.
  • Reiki is said to help enhance the body’s natural healing process as well.
  • Some people seek reiki treatment alongside medical treatment for conditions like chronic pain, cancer, heart disease, neuronal diseases and so on. While there cannot be studies to prove its effectiveness, a lot of patients report feeling a bit more healthier and energized after each session.