What Makes BMI a Necessity in Society?

What Makes BMI a Necessity in Society?

BMI (Body Mass Index) is your weight in meters divided by the square root of your height. It is being vastly used by people to know their health state and if they are obese or overweight. First of all why don’t we get to know more about Obesity itself, the reason why BMI is being largely used by people around the Globe? Here are all the answers to your questions from https://www.icbg.org/calcolo-bmi/.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is related to fat in our bodies. As we all know the basic knowledge of our body needing nutrients like: Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins. Fat is the fuel source of our body and is the major form of storage in our bodies. But unnecessary presence of fat can be very dangerous to our health and can be the cause of diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and even incurable diseases like Cancer. Each year Obesity is becoming more and more of a problem around the world. It is spreading like fire lit on petrol.

Why we should all bring awareness to Obesity?

As years go by the Obesity rates in superpower countries like The United States Of America, the percentage of the Obese are going higher and higher. The USA is on top of the list in the Most Obese Countries of the world with a percentage of 36.2 followed by Turkey and New Zealand with percentages 32 and 30. Obesity doesn’t only bring diseases with it but also difficulty in daily physical activities. We should bring awareness to this issue as it is becoming a major problem in our lives and affecting people with great potential who have the will to do great things.

Why use BMI?

BMI is reliable way to find out if you have are Obese, Pre Obese, if you have thinness, severe thinness etc. But do remember while BMI may tell you if you are Obese or not it doesn’t show the severity of it. So if you want to know your exact Obesity level, it is better to consult a doctor than to rely on a BMI test.